osz~ (2020)

soundsculpture consisting of 21 compositions, sound and mixed media

Kunsthaus Pasquart, Biel

ictu (2020)

concert for Solenoid-Sequencer, Cymbals and  Wood Plates

Atelier Bollag, Basel

smioa - Live (2019)

electro acoustic concert

music, DIY instruments: Fabrizio Di Salvo

Dampfzentrale Bern

Lui is (2018)

for electric guitar

composition, electronic, mask: Fabrizio Di Salvo
guitar, text: Louis de Ceuninck

Auditorium Bern

Emergence (2018)
Tabea Rothfuchs, David Fortmann, Fabrizio Di Salvo

Filter 4, Basel

discontinuation II (2017)

for contra petzold-recorder, 8 megaphones and tap

concept, composition, electronic, stage: Fabrizio Di Salvo

petzold-recorder: Marie Delprat

Festival sul palco, Milano

discontinuation (2017)

for contra petzold-recorder and 8 megaphones, outdoor-version

concept/composition/electronic: Fabrizio Di Salvo
petzold-recorder: Marie Delprat


gömböc (2016)

for bass clarinet, megaphon and electronic

composition: Fabrizio Di Salvo

bass carinet: Shuyue Zhao

voice: Simon Christian Mehln

Grosser Konzertsaal, Bern

una corda mecanica (2016)

for motorised concert zither

composition, performance, electronic, DIY: Fabrizio Di Salvo

Parzelle 403, Basel